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Food labeling in India set for overhaul

Labels on packaged food in India will soon inform you of the product's exact dietary component. Currently, they might mention vaguely (though not necessarily) details about calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and some other nutrients.

FDA considering nutrition facts panel delay

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a delaying implementation of a revamped nutrition facts panel on retail goods.

Michigan grocers add calorie labeling on prepared foods despite FDA rule delay

BYRON TOWNSHIP, MI If you have shopped at a Family Fare store lately, you might have noticed new digital menu boards at the deli detailing know many calories are in the panini you are ordering. 

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Hungarian law to require "distictive warning" labels on foods with inferior ingredients

As Bulgaria's prime minister slams dual quality foods as 'apartheid', a draft law by Hungary would see warning labels on foods with a different ingredient composition outside the country, but experts say it's on shaky legal ground. 

The attack on sugars ramp up

The non-profit group, the Union of Concerned Scientists has filed a petition with the FDA to prohibit foods that are high in sugars to make health or nutrient claims such as “healthy” or “high in fiber.”

Futuristic packaging changes colors when food spoils

Braskem, a thermoplastic resin producer, has joined with universities in the U.S. and Brazil to develop fresh food packaging that will change color when food is hazardous to consume, according to Food Navigator.

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Swedish shoppers' baskets filled with healthier foods, survey finds

Consumers in Sweden are eating healthier compared to five years ago as a survery finds an overall decrease in sugar and salt intake whilst consumption of healthy fats and vitamin D have increased.

Millennials are aging, what's driving their snack purchase decisions now?

When data on marketing food and beverages to Millennials first came out, they tended to portray this age group as adventurous (and broke) twenty-somethings. But members of this generation have aged, and their purchasing drivers have changed, according to one generational expert. 

GMO labeling remains a ‘front-panel’ issue for brands

In recent years, public awareness campaigns have aimed to inform consumers of the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), but stopped short (so far) of eliminating them. According to Mintel Reports, consumers do not avoid GMOs on quite the same level as artificial preservatives, flavors and sweeteners.

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Can calls for food transparency be answered digitally?

With consumers demanding more transparency, the SmartLabel initiative, launched in late 2015 by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), is gaining momentum.

Food Transparency Movement Driving Changes in Labeling

Recently the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announced an initiative to reduce the amount of confusion that consumers experience regarding the “sell by”, “use by” and other date-specific labeling on food packaging. It is also part of an effort to reduce food waste.

Could legislation ease menu labeling burdens for grocers?

The Shelby Report writes that two major food industry trade groups, the National Grocers Association and the Food Marketing Institute, are supporting a bipartisan bill that would further clarify the menu labeling program set forth by the Food and Drug Administration.

Decline in sugary drink consumption stalls, CDC finds

For years, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines urged Americans to drink less sugary beverages. And for years, many Americans listened. But after a decade of falling consumption, rates have stalled at well above the recommended limit, according to statistics released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why grocers and food brands need to create their own 'clean label' definitions

According to the Flavors of North America (FONA) 2017 Trend Insight Report, 64% of shoppers prefer foods that are minimally processed, and 54% look for food and beverage products with few and recognizable ingredients.

Honey Groups Urge FDA to Drop “Added Sugars” Labeling Requirement

FDA’s recently published final nutrition facts rule requires a mandatory declaration and a daily value (DV) for “added sugar.”

Litigation against food companies is increasing, but who benefits?

Food labeled as “healthy,” “natural” or “preservative-free” might attract a consumer’s interest when shopping at their local grocery store. But these labels also attract plaintiffs’ lawyers looking to cash in on different interpretations of those words.

FDA’s Rules for Dietary Fiber Are “Unreasonably Restrictive,” Associations Say

In public comments released today in response to FDA’s recent draft guidance on dietary fiber, two industry associations told the agency that the agency’s criteria for what is considered a dietary fiber are too stringent. Both the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN; Washington, DC) and the Natural Products Association (NPA; Washington, DC) urged FDA to reconsider its approach to defining a dietary fiber.

The clean label trend is rising in retail bakeries

Many supermarket bakery departments are simplifying their ingredients list and removing fats and hydrogenated oils from their recipes, according to Supermarket News.


Traffic-light and numeric calorie labels cut calorie consumption by 10 Percent, research shows

Imagine you’re ordering lunch from your favorite online delivery spot, and just before submitting your order, you notice that the club sandwich in your cart is marked with a red stop light signifying high calorie content.

Nutrition label confusion poses problems for those with diabetes

Diabetes can pose a number of challenges to those with the diagnosis. With a heavy emphasis on foods, content and the impacts of those choices, understanding nutrition labels can be a daunting task. 

Sugar-reduction efforts pick up steam ahead of update to Nutrition Facts panel

Food and beverage brands of all sizes and across categories are scrambling to reduce sugar in their products before FDA regulations mandating they indicate added and total sugar on the Nutrition Facts panel goes into effect in July 2018, according to product development consultancy Imbibe. 

Exercise labels are more effective than standard nutrition info for healthy eating, say researchers

'Exercise labels' that say how much physical activity is needed to burn off the calories in food are significantly more effective in encouraging healthy eating than standard nutrition information, according to a new study. 

Here comes sugar, packagers

Changes to packaged food labels and product formulations are already resulting, but now public awareness might also increase.

Two-thirds of packaged foods, drinks in Canada have added sugars, study says

THURSDAY, Jan. 12, 2017 -- Two-thirds of packaged foods and beverages in Canada contain at least one added sugar, a new study shows.

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