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FDA Regulations & Compliance -

Health Canada Proposes Updates to Canada’s Food Guide 

Pursuant to its mandate under the Food and Drugs Act, Health Canada is responsible for setting safety and nutritional quality standards for all foods sold in Canada. 

Paleo may be a fad, but trends toward healthy ingredients are here to stay

Healthy ingredients like ancient grains and fermented foods and lifestyles centered on wellness and well-being, like vegan and paleo, are setting food expectations for generations to come, according to a new study by Packaged Facts.

Cleanliness conundrums: The challenges in clean label reformulations

Americans want it all. They want food that tastes great, is healthy, can be eaten anywhere, satisfies their hunger and isn’t made with questionable ingredients.

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Demand for clean label, non-GMO products on the rise

When the Netherlands-based Innova Market Insights announced its Top Ten Trends list for 2017, clean label was highlighted as the No. 1 trend of the year.

Sourcing, Formulating, Processing Key to Clean Label Success

In today’s environment, food and beverage brands don’t consider launching a new product without a clean label. Label reading is important to many consumers who want to know what is in their food. 

Food makers bulk up on simple ingredients as consumers embrace clean labels

For food and beverage giants plagued by slowing growth and heightening competition from nimble upstarts, the motto "less is more" is playing a bigger role in their everyday operations.

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Consumers have trouble reading food labels

A new poll finds that many American consumers are having issues with date labels on their food products.

US Consumers favour country-of-origin labelling

Almost nine out of 10 US consumers are in favour of country-of-origin labelling for fresh meat, according to a recent survey.

Syngenta Settles Farmer's Contamination Suit Ahead of Trial

Syngenta AG reached a confidential settlement with a Nebraska farmer who claimed the company mishandled marketing of its genetically modified seed, causing U.S. corn prices to plummet.

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FDA urged to keep nutrition facts label on schedule

May began with the Trump administration’s decision to relax national school lunch rules on sodium, whole grains, and milk.

Michigan grocers add calorie labeling on prepared foods despite FDA rule delay

BYRON TOWNSHIP, MI If you have shopped at a Family Fare store lately, you might have noticed new digital menu boards at the deli detailing know many calories are in the panini you are ordering. 

Some food chains to post calories this week despite labeling rule delay

Want to know how many calories are in that one — or five — Krispy Kreme doughnuts you enjoyed this weekend? You'll soon find out.

The potential of a delay to Nutrition Facts label changes should not slow compliance efforts

Assuming FDA does not delay the deadline for the new Nutrition Fact label as requested by industry, then large companies have slightly more than a year left to overcome challenges associated with added sugar, the new definition of dietary fiber, changes to vitamins and minerals daily values and other time consuming tweaks. 

New labels should reduce food waste

Americans toss out $165 billion worth of food each year, often out of safety concerns fuelled by confusion about the meaning of the more than 10 different date labels used on packages.

Food labeling in India set for overhaul

Labels on packaged food in India will soon inform you of the product's exact dietary component. Currently, they might mention vaguely (though not necessarily) details about calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and some other nutrients.

New York will enforce menu labeling effective immediately even as FDA delays national requirement

With many of the nutrition policies drafted under the Obama Administrative now in limbo, New York City's Departments of Health and Consumer Affairs are taking action into their own hands and as of May 22 began enforcing controversial menu labeling at chain restaurants and food retailers. 

ACCC to crack down on product labelling

Businesses are being urged to carefully review their country of origin labelling as the ACCC prepares to crack down on false or misleading statements.

What exactly does ‘healthy’ mean when it comes to food?

Anyone who's ever walked into a grocery store has seen the various health claims on food items calling certain products "healthy." But what exactly does “healthy” mean — and can you rely on it?

U.K. guidelines seek to reduce sugar 20% by 2020

LONDON — The government’s Public Health England (PHE) on March 30 published “Sugar Reduction: Achieving the 20%,” which sets voluntary technical guidelines to cut sugar in nine major food categories by 5% by August 2017 and by 20% by 2020 in an effort to reduce obesity in children up to 18 years of age.

FDA considering nutrition facts panel delay

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a delaying implementation of a revamped nutrition facts panel on retail goods.

Delaying added-sugar labeling could hurt manufacturers in the long run, experts warn

Industry efforts to delay added-sugar labeling and the new Nutrition Facts panel could damage manufacturers' long-term sales by eroding consumer trust in them, and pushing shoppers to more transparent options, industry experts suggested at the Building a Healthier America Summit in Washington, DC, earlier this month. 

New Deadline Announced for FDA Food Labeling Requirement: You’ve Got Time, Make It Count

The food and restaurant industry received some unexpected news this week. The FDA Food Labeling Requirement deadline has shifted. 

Organic 'greenwashing' prompts push for tighter food labelling laws

Australia's certified organic industry is expected to be worth more than $2 billion by next year but it is fighting to ensure fake organic claims do not damage its reputation.

Health Canada proposes ban on partially hydrogenated oils

Health Canada has unveiled proposals to prohibit the use of partially hydrogenerated oils - a key source of harmful trans fats in foods - by summer 2018 (aligning with the US deadline) by adding them to the List of Contaminants and Other Adulterating Substances in Foods.

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