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FDA Regulations & Compliance -

The potential of a delay to Nutrition Facts label changes should not slow compliance efforts

Assuming FDA does not delay the deadline for the new Nutrition Fact label as requested by industry, then large companies have slightly more than a year left to overcome challenges associated with added sugar, the new definition of dietary fiber, changes to vitamins and minerals daily values and other time consuming tweaks. 

What exactly does ‘healthy’ mean when it comes to food?

Anyone who's ever walked into a grocery store has seen the various health claims on food items calling certain products "healthy." But what exactly does “healthy” mean — and can you rely on it?

Organic 'greenwashing' prompts push for tighter food labelling laws

Australia's certified organic industry is expected to be worth more than $2 billion by next year but it is fighting to ensure fake organic claims do not damage its reputation.

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Preparedness +

What's new in natural?

Canadians have an increased appetite for local, sustainable and ethical products across the board, from the clothes they put on their backs to what they serve on their kitchen tables.

It Just Got Easier to Count Calories in Craft Beer

The amount of calories in beers can vary wildly. While a Michelob Ultra boasts a mere 95 calories, the same 12-ounce serving of Sam Adams Boston Lager will set you back 175 calories (two beers I chose because the brands actually list the calories on their website). 

Special Report: Consumers and 'clean' food: Where is the clean label trend going next?

To the casual observer, 'cleaning up' our food sounds like an eminently sensible thing to do. But where is the clean label trend going, and is ditching every ingredient you can't pronounce really the key to fixing the 'broken' food system (as Panera implies in a recent ad) or improving the health of people and the planet?

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Insights +

Study: Millennials drive the better-for-you snacking trend

Marketers tend to pay a lot of attention to millennials, and with good reason. The demographic includes consumers aged about 18-34, a group that represents about 23.4% of the U.S. population.

Nutrition label readers choose 'better' food

Nutrition label readers are a special bunch. Although they eat pretty much the same amount of food as non-nutrition label readers, they choose better, higher quality foods.

Nutrition Labels May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

An article recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition deduced that there is a negative association between the use of nutrition labels and one’s future risk of diabetes.

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