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FDA Regulations & Compliance -

FDA grants enforcement discretion for the use of UF milk in cheeses

The Food and Drug Administration issued a rule to be published in the Federal Register which grants enforcement discretion for the use and labeling of ultrafiltered milk in all standardized cheeses and related cheese products covered by the federal standards of identity.

How the New Food Waste Policy Could Affect Your Business

The new Food Recovery Act (H.R. 3444) could become the first national food waste policy could have numerous implications for several sectors of the U.S economy.

New Food Labeling Health Claim Approved by FDA

Health claims on food have become a tricky business lately, as consumers are now more aware of what they are eating and require more transparency from manufacturers.

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Clearer food labelling on the cards with new whole grain food definition

An academia-industry collaboration has agreed on a definition that makes the whole grain content in foods clearer in its labelling, with the aim of providing clarity for consumers and manufacturers. 

Manufacturers reformulate with sugar as consumers sour on corn syrup

The U.S. Department of Agriculture finds the consumption of sweeteners, including sugar and corn syrup, is down 15% during the past 17 years, according to Bloomberg.

Hunger for organic food continues to grow

Despite the heftier price tag, sales of organic food items continue to rise. USA Today reports sales of organic food is up 8.4% over the previous year, hitting a record 43 billion in sales in 2016.

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Where are we on Defining ‘Natural’?

Like mosquitoes on a summer evening, lawsuits on the use of the term “natural” are stinging food companies. While it’s been suggested that an excess of regulations is suppressing industry growth, this is one instance where a regulatory definition might help.

Nielsen Confirms 'Clean' Labels Boosting CPG Sales

Featuring “clean” product attributes on labels is paying off handsomely across a wide array of food, beverage and other CPG/FMCG categories, Nielsen data confirm.

Food makers expected to deliver on health but trush lacking, survey finds

Nine-in-ten consumers believe the food industry has a responsibility to provide them with a healthy diet but consumers are also mistrustful of the sector as a source of nutritional information, a new study reveals.

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