Printer Relationships

As one of the world’s leading premedia partners, we work closely with printers all over the world, and have for many decades to elevate the industry for the benefit of our mutual clients. Over the years, we have fingerprinted countless presses to document their unique characteristics and establish tolerances which have become part of a comprehensive global print characterization database that we continuously build on and update. This database and our global team of print quality experts plays an important role in our rigorous certification of high performing printers in emerging and developing markets like Asia Pacific to ensure that they are meeting the highest print quality standards achievable. We work together to help them and ourselves make improvements continuously. Many of our print technical experts around the world have served printing industry groups in the advancement of print quality management solutions. As a result, our solutions – which are printer-agnostic – empower the decision-making of not just brand owners, but of printers and premedia partners as well.