Schawk Redefines the Role of Brand Deployment

Des Plaines, IL

Schawk!, part of the global brand deployment group of SGK, formerly marketed as Schawk, Inc., that produces brand assets and protects brand equities, announced today that it has redefined the role of brand deployment to drive brand profitability.

The ability of marketers to drive brand profitability requires the consistent and efficient management of complex workflows to deploy brands across mediums, each of which has very different production requirements. This complexity also includes volume (amount of work), scale (number of products or SKUs), process (printing, approvals), and global (number of different markets, cultures, translations and regulations).

The opportunity to drive higher margins requires the implementation of innovative brand deployment methodologies to maintain quality and protect the brand’s equities while continuously improving workflow efficiency. For marketers, the complexities associated with bringing new products to emerging and developing markets is only growing. The challenge to present a brand consistently across mediums globally requires that the brand’s assets are meticulously and accurately produced. Because when a brand experience feels seamless to consumers across mediums, it creates a more desirable brand.

David Schawk, chief executive officer, stated, “The beauty of our deep experience in packaging for the past 60 years is that as a marketing medium, it is one of the most demanding. It requires extensive experience in managing color behavior on different substrates and different printing processes and is characterized by exacting technical production standards and unforgiving regulatory requirements. Our ability to produce brand assets and protect their equities for packaging allows us to execute expertly in other mediums with relative ease.”

“The brand deployment process is more than just ‘getting to market’ on time. That is critical of course, but the best deployment processes will deliver far beyond that. They will protect a brand’s equities and the way it’s presented in all marketing mediums around the world." Schawk continued, “This consistency delivers far greater value as it speaks to brand authenticity and the consumer’s trust in the brand. It reinforces familiarity, helps attract attention and helps convert the buyer at the point of purchase.”

Schawk! produces brand assets and protects brand equities to drive brand profitability. Leveraging its 60+ years of industry leadership, Schawk! identifies and deploys scalable solutions to address a brand's complex production and delivery needs through proven expertise in workflow, resourcing, color management and imaging. Schawk! is part of the brand deployment group of SGK (NYSE: SGK), formerly marketed as Schawk, Inc. For more information visit:

Patti Soldavini
Corporate Marketing Director

Jennifer Adams
Corporate Media Manager