Set the Standard for Package Printing

With consumer packaged foods, shoppers gravitate toward appealing packaging first and judge a brand by its cover. That’s why a leading food manufacturer needed a tool to monitor the quality of its key brands’ equity and packaging print. They were looking for ways to ensure consistent brand messaging, evaluate print quality and monitor and communicate color expectations. A print quality program was key to be part of the consideration set when selecting future print partners.

We took aim at each of our client’s needs and addressed them with a simplified, yet highly effective, customized print quality management tool for objectively measuring print brand compliance. Our print quality program team, in partnership with their brand design team, set brand color standards, ink targets and color metric readings to precisely communicate color expectations to each printer.


Single platform for all print converters
Print converter training
Ink targets and equipment audits
Brand-specific color standards
Monthly scorecard system
Regular tracking, monitoring and evaluation


Improved print quality
More consistent and predictable package prints
Accurate print process data
Clearly defined print and brand expectations

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