Experience a Partner that Goes Further

Sometimes an opportunity arises that a brand can't pass up. So when the Olympic Games returned to London in 2012 after almost 65 years, BP saw an opportunity to make the most of its Annual General Meeting. They wanted to showcase how their fuels were helping to power the Olympic Games with an immersive trade booth experience. Unfortunately, their current booth lacked the “wow” factor.

Because of our strong relationship, BP gave us the opportunity to compete against a well-known company that specializes in experiential booths. Through 3D renderings, we presented a new framework that magnetically drew in people to feel as if they were a part of the Olympic games. BP was eagerly impressed and awarded us the project. The result was a 360-degree media environment that simulated walking through the Olympic stadium. Our complete end-to-end solutions also allowed us to source the best printers and manage the booth assembly, maintenance and logistics, as it traveled to 10 BP locations after the Olympic games.


Extensive Olympics brand guidelines experience
Direct collaboration with BP’s Olympic marketing team
Exhibit coordination and management
Print management and quality control
3D CGI renderings


Extensive buzz generation
A three-month road show
Displayed at BP Global Directors location
Awarded a 2nd booth exhibition project

trade show booth