4 Print Quality Management Issues Resolved


Print quality management ensures a brand’s design intent is realized on shelf and achieves brand consistency.

Brands are constantly exploring opportunities to move print to low cost regions and/or adopt new technologies that reduce time to market. Because of this, print quality can be difficult to manage due to several factors:

- Different substrates

- Different printers

- Different print technology

- Different global requirements

How can brands communicate and control spot colors?

Spot colors are commonly used in packaging to reproduce equity brand colors. It is increasingly common for packaging artwork to include spot color solids, tints, overprints and extended color process in artwork designs.

A spot color tone value (SCTV) is the method for calculating tone value, which uses color measurement (lab) instead of density measurements. This method works with any color, on any substrate, and with any print process.

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What does SCTV means for the industry?

To standardize how spot color tone is managed across the supply chain, brands must use a single set of tone targets (linear) for all colors. It is also important to use the same targets and tolerances for all colors and processes with a simple linear strategy to enable control of any tint. Next, align the print condition to the design intent to produce consistent, uniform tone for all spot and X process colors.

To get started with managing a print quality program, follow these 4 steps:

1. Define print quality requirement and specifications.

2. Measure print quality using state of the art equipment.

3. Report on print quality data across a customized data set for analysis.

4. Drive action for print quality improvements.

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Brand owners are increasingly looking to standardize quality through specifications. Today’s specifications for print do not address these important needs.

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