Running Toward Your Passion Project


When you get to combine your personal passions with your 9-5, you’ve found the right job. Owen Pratt, a Creative Director at Schawk, waited nearly 10 years for the right moment to turn his passion project into a reality at the Chicago studio.

While most people’s favorite day of the year is their birthday or Christmas, Owen’s is the Chicago Marathon. He watched his first marathon on a bitter-cold Sunday and was in awe at the spectacle of it all. Strangers with signs, people dressed in costumes (his personal favorite being the Elvis), volunteers passing out water, all for runners they didn’t know.

Since that day, he had an idea to make a movie showcasing the race and one of its runners. It would be another decade before he was able to bring his dream to life.

Like many runners, Ashley Novak started running at a time when she needed it most. Always an athlete, running pushed her beyond what she thought her limits were. “It became my therapy, to kind of escape reality,” she told Owen as they sat down to talk about why she was running the 2016 Chicago Marathon. This marathon wasn’t her first, but this year it had an especially meaningful purpose–The Ronald McDonald house. Ashley had been a volunteer at Ronald McDonald house and was moved by the children, families and their stories. Running with a purpose motivated her even further.

At Schawk, we make it our mission to dream bigger. The right moment to bring Owen’s vision to life didn’t arrive until he was talking with Ashley about preparing for the marathon. Knowing Ashley to be an excellent athlete, kind person, and longtime friend of the studio, Owen realized she would be a perfect fit for the project.

Watch the full story below:

Chris Monaghan worked alongside multiple unit crews to stage shots throughout the city the morning of the Marathon. Routes were mapped and locations scouted in order to capture the full essence of the day. The Schawk team was able to capture a special moment for Ashley, decked out in Nike Volt yellow, while showcasing what it is that we do best–tell a great story.

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