A Proud Partnership: Nestlé recognizes Schawk’s UK Office with 2014 ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award

At Schawk, there’s nothing we cherish more than our relationships with our clients. Our offices across the globe are constantly looking for ways to strengthen those partnerships by enabling our clients to meet their strategic goals and objectives. 

This year we are honored to be recognized by Nestlé, who selected our UK office as recipients of Nestlé’s 2014 ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award for the best sales & marketing partnership. Over the past two years, our UK office has worked closely with Nestlé’s pack change teams to improve packaging KPIs and bring new ideas within the industry to this important partnership.

“To be recognized by Nestlé for packaging KPI improvements is quite an honor,” said Rob Moore, managing director at Schawk. “The KPI reporting with the pack change team is constantly being adapted and finessed to provide Nestlé with measures aligned to their strategic goals and objectives.”

Through an analysis of what works optimally within the overall pack change process, our UK team has reduced the number of approval loops year over year, resulting in continuous improvement. This not only helps increase speed to market, but reduces the cost of the work by reducing amendments. 

“Over the past two years, Schawk has made significant improvements on the Nestlé UK account – their monthly KPIs have improved and their account management has become closer to the business,” said Susan Monckton, procurement business support at Nestlé S.A. “In particular the on-site personnel are seen as an important part of the pack change teams and are contributing to some major print and packaging projects within Nestlé.”

We have introduced the concept of ‘colour harmony’ and the cost benefits associated with this process, proving it is possible to get fantastic packaging using a limited palette of inks while maintaining colour to Nestlé’s expected standards.

Offering this kind of expertise, setting colour targets & advising technical constraints at the start of projects helps to ensure that the final delivered packaging meets marketing expectation. 

Since it’s crucial to respond swiftly when circumstances change and production dates get moved forward at a moment’s notice, we’ve worked very closely with Nestlé’s pack change teams regularly adapt studio timelines to ensure urgent high priority projects are fast tracked & delivered with reduced lead times. We utilise both UK & offshore production facilities to complete the Nestlé work. This ensures that we have almost a 24/7 operation to deal with unforeseen situations and can ensure that we are effective when time is of the essence. 

Over the past six years, Schawk’s relationship with Nestlé has grown stronger with each project we’ve partnered on. We take great pride in our work for Nestlé and look forward to continuing our relationship!