For Those Keeping Track, e-Receipts Are Good for Business

Those smart, roving Apple Store salespersons, armed with iPads and ready to check you out without making you stand in line, are really just the vanguard for an entirely new retail experience. As the streamlining of the in-store retail sales process continues, e-receipts are getting their fair share of scrutiny and discussion. Here are some reasons you should embrace them, whether as a customer or a business:

1.    They save money. Imagine never having to fill up a cash register receipt or purchase rolls of paper.

2.    Instantly searchable. Now instead of managing a file folder full of small paper, you can keep a folder on your email account with business and personal receipts.

3.    Always accessible. From any computer or mobile device. Even when you're visiting the IRS.

4.    Easier returns. Since a customer can't really "lose" the receipt, retailers know exactly when and from where the merchandise was purchased.

5.    Lets customers opt-in to your email list. It's easy to give the customer the ability to sign up for promotional email or to enroll in your loyalty program.

6.    They save trees. Enough said.

What do you think?