Technology and Science: A Match Made in Printing Workflow Heaven

Manchester, England

Technology has changed the printing and packaging industry significantly in the last few decades. As we move into a more digital world, how we share colour data has had to adapt.  

More and more software packages now understand and use colour data to assist us in the manufacturing process. From injection moulding to dentistry, automotive to print and packaging. The end result is always evaluated on its colour accuracy.

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Here are two ways technology and science enhance printing workflows:

Connecting. In 2017, Adobe introduced PDF 2.0, which included the ability to embed CXF data. CXF is the industry-wide standard file format for sharing colour data. We can now supply PDF’s that can be opened directly in Adobe Illustrator that can automatically access the intended colour information.

“As the demand from brands for connected packaging grows, the ability to seamlessly integrate enhancement techniques into the packaging production and premedia processes reduces workflow complexity. Adobe Illustrator is critical to our premedia workflows, and the new Digimarc extension simplifies the task of creating dynamic digital packaging.” – Bruce Miller, VP, Innovation & Solution Development, Schawk

Reporting. CXF data can also be deployed across a brand supply chain via online reporting tools such as ColourDrive. This advancement allows brands to monitor their products colour accuracy as it progresses through the production process. This gives an invaluable snapshot into specific region results or even trouble shooting on a particular SKU.  

Creating a colour standard in the ColourLab, we automatically capture the scientific measurements required to build a CXF file. We frequently share Digital CXF standards to complement our physical standards. This allows clients to utilise modern technology and prepare for future developments.  

Schawk’s ColourLab offers bundles that include the creation of a colour standard, then supplied as a physical and digital standard all in one package. 

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