How Your Brand Can Win On The Digital Shelf

How Your Brand Can Win On The Digital Shelf

In order to get your share of a rapidly expanding e-commerce market, you need to give customers an online experience that’s as true as possible to the product they would choose in stores. In other words, your brand can, and should, look as flawless on the digital shelf as it does on the physical shelf.

This year alone, B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach $525.2 billion in Asia-Pacific and 482.6 billion in North America, so more than ever, marketers need to manage their brands’ online presence. Brands that are able to assert this control stand to gain several advantages: 

•    Greater agility and speed in executing design changes online
•    Great efficiency and cost control
•    Greater brand consistency and protection
•    Greater product information accuracy
•    Meeting or exceeding current packaging regulations

With four in 10 shoppers saying they’ve given up on an online purchase because they didn’t have enough information on the purchase – the conclusion couldn’t be more clear: The opportunities are substantial for brands that take control of their presence on the digital shelf – now, not later.

Our “Packaging e-content” streamlines the packaging e-content supply chain – eliminating duplication of effort, reducing vendor-management burdens, centralizing asset control and saving money. And it takes brands to the digital market faster, with e-commerce images of packaging that look as great online as they do on the physical shelf. 

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