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Strong school nutrition standards, updated Nutrition Facts panel necessary to fight obesity

Long-term efforts and policy changes to promote better nutrition and increase physical activity over the past 15 years have helped stablize and in some cases reduce obesity rates, but proposals to cut funding for obesity prevention programs, weaken school nutrition regulations and delay the updated Nutrition Facts panel could erode this process, according to a new report.

Draft packaging, labelling and claims standards due by end of the year

India's food regulator will release draft regulations governing packaging, labelling, and advertising and claims in the "next couple of months."

FDA Approves New Labels for Peanut-Containing Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced new labels for peanut-containing foods suitable for infants, noting that they may reduce the risk of developing an allergy.

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FDA too busy with 'competing priorities' to weigh into plant milk debate

The FDA has finally weighed into the debate over labeling conventions in plant-based foods and beverages, but only in the form of a letter to the Good Food Institute (GFI) explaining that it hasn't had time to address its petition on this topic owing to 'competing priorities.'

Can A Clean Label Help You Achieve Brand Love?

We are in the midst of a food renaissance. Food is no longer just an aspect of our individual lives; it's increasingly a central part of our culture.

Italy to extend country of origin labelling to tomato products

The Italian ministry of agriculture declared its intention on Monday (4 September) to include the origin of primary ingredients on the labels of tomato-based products, drawing criticism from the European food and drink industry for “undermining the EU single market for food.”

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Clean snacking trend bolsters confectionery category

ROCKVILLE, MD. — Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and knowledgeable about product ingredients, but they aren’t shunning confectionery in the process.

Stealth reformulation of private label food can cut calories, study finds

'Silent' product reformulation, where own-brand food products are modified without explicitly making the consumer aware, may be effective in reducing calorie consumption, say Danish researchers.

Demand for clean labels varies by generation, Nielsen study finds

Sales of conventional products are declining, while those advertising themselves as being simple, clean, sustainable and free of artificial ingredients are on the rise, according to recent Nielsen analysis.

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Sourcing, Formulating, Processing Key to Clean Label Success

In today’s environment, food and beverage brands don’t consider launching a new product without a clean label. Label reading is important to many consumers who want to know what is in their food. 

Clean label trend goes bananas with new fruit-based flour

International Agriculture Group has introduced green banana flours, which the firm says could help companies clean up labels and reduce sugar, according to FoodNavigator-USA.

Food labelling: A natural opportunity to reducing sugar intake

In the age of information, details matter. In almost no industry is that more obvious than in food manufacturing. Consumers aren’t satisfied with a mystery cocktail of processed substances and, if given the choice, will always opt for the clear list of specific ingredients in a product.

Standardized language for expiration dates should help reduce food waste, according to GMA

According to the nonprofit Feeding America, 126 billion pounds of food is wasted each year in America a staggering number that prompted USDA and EPA to challenge producters, manufacturers and consumers to help reduce food loss and waste by 50% by 2030. 

Hungarian law to require "distictive warning" labels on foods with inferior ingredients

As Bulgaria's prime minister slams dual quality foods as 'apartheid', a draft law by Hungary would see warning labels on foods with a different ingredient composition outside the country, but experts say it's on shaky legal ground. 

Food makers bulk up on simple ingredients as consumers embrace clean labels

For food and beverage giants plagued by slowing growth and heightening competition from nimble upstarts, the motto "less is more" is playing a bigger role in their everyday operations.

Hamming it up? Supermarket label changes colour to help cure food waste

A major UK supermarket is launching a new “smart” label on packets of its own-brand ham in a bid to reduce waste by telling consumers how fresh it is.

Avocados have labels and use-by dates lasered onto their skin in new scheme to save energy by doing away with traditional food stickers

Food labels are to be tattooed on to the skin of avocados with lasers in a move that will save 10 tonnes of paper and five tonnes of glue every year.

Sugar concerns spur alternative sweetener development

Poor perception of sugar and artificial sweeteners could open opportunities for new sweeteners and sweetener blends, according to Food Business News.

The attack on sugars ramp up

The non-profit group, the Union of Concerned Scientists has filed a petition with the FDA to prohibit foods that are high in sugars to make health or nutrient claims such as “healthy” or “high in fiber.”

USDA Publishes Questions to Facilitate Drafting of GMO Labeling Requirements

As previously reported on this blog, legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods and food ingredients was signed into law on July 29, 2016.

USDA publishes questions to help craft GMO labeling regulation

The U.S. Agriculture Department's Agricultural Marketing Service has started the process of figuring out how to write the guidelines for the GMO labeling law signed nearly a year ago after it published Tuesday a list of 30 questions for stakeholders to answer and comment on.

FMCG Giants To Promote Healthier Diets With 'Evolved Nutrition Labelling Scheme'

The Coca-Cola Company, Mars, Mondeléz International, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever have joined together to promote healthier diets and balanced lifestyles in the EU by focusing on nutritional labelling on products.

Food Production Transparency Is Expected in the Future

Consumers are demanding to know what, exactly, is in their food. The call for transparency is a call to repair trust in food production practices and ingredient names that have been shortened to fit on a small label space. What exactly are those mysterious “artificial flavors,” anyway?

Futuristic packaging changes colors when food spoils

Braskem, a thermoplastic resin producer, has joined with universities in the U.S. and Brazil to develop fresh food packaging that will change color when food is hazardous to consume, according to Food Navigator.

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