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Strong school nutrition standards, updated Nutrition Facts panel necessary to fight obesity

Long-term efforts and policy changes to promote better nutrition and increase physical activity over the past 15 years have helped stablize and in some cases reduce obesity rates, but proposals to cut funding for obesity prevention programs, weaken school nutrition regulations and delay the updated Nutrition Facts panel could erode this process, according to a new report.

Draft packaging, labelling and claims standards due by end of the year

India's food regulator will release draft regulations governing packaging, labelling, and advertising and claims in the "next couple of months."

FDA Approves New Labels for Peanut-Containing Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced new labels for peanut-containing foods suitable for infants, noting that they may reduce the risk of developing an allergy.

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FDA too busy with 'competing priorities' to weigh into plant milk debate

The FDA has finally weighed into the debate over labeling conventions in plant-based foods and beverages, but only in the form of a letter to the Good Food Institute (GFI) explaining that it hasn't had time to address its petition on this topic owing to 'competing priorities.'

Can A Clean Label Help You Achieve Brand Love?

We are in the midst of a food renaissance. Food is no longer just an aspect of our individual lives; it's increasingly a central part of our culture.

Italy to extend country of origin labelling to tomato products

The Italian ministry of agriculture declared its intention on Monday (4 September) to include the origin of primary ingredients on the labels of tomato-based products, drawing criticism from the European food and drink industry for “undermining the EU single market for food.”

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Clean snacking trend bolsters confectionery category

ROCKVILLE, MD. — Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and knowledgeable about product ingredients, but they aren’t shunning confectionery in the process.

Stealth reformulation of private label food can cut calories, study finds

'Silent' product reformulation, where own-brand food products are modified without explicitly making the consumer aware, may be effective in reducing calorie consumption, say Danish researchers.

Demand for clean labels varies by generation, Nielsen study finds

Sales of conventional products are declining, while those advertising themselves as being simple, clean, sustainable and free of artificial ingredients are on the rise, according to recent Nielsen analysis.

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Paleo may be a fad, but trends toward healthy ingredients are here to stay

Healthy ingredients like ancient grains and fermented foods and lifestyles centered on wellness and well-being, like vegan and paleo, are setting food expectations for generations to come, according to a new study by Packaged Facts.

With new labeling program, Brewers Association makes craft beers clear

The beer industry group, which represents small-scale beer-makers, is now offering up a seal to its members. The label comes at a time when there is increasing confusion around craft beers in the marketplace.

Consumers Want Clean, Simple and Natural Foods

The idea of a “clean label" continues to grow as an appealing aspect of food and beverage products. This is a consumer-driven movement as consumers increasingly insist upon “real foods" that are natural, include nothing artificial, and have a short list of recognizable ingredients, that are easy to understand and pronounce.

Friendly labels, transparency become bigger factors in ingredient selection

KANSAS CITY — Ingredient trends might bring to mind a cartoon about a ghost. Surveys show many consumers seek transparency in the sourcing of ingredients and in the marketing of products, and they also seek “friendly” ingredient lists.

Food labeling in India set for overhaul

Labels on packaged food in India will soon inform you of the product's exact dietary component. Currently, they might mention vaguely (though not necessarily) details about calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrates and some other nutrients.

Cleanliness conundrums: The challenges in clean label reformulations

Americans want it all. They want food that tastes great, is healthy, can be eaten anywhere, satisfies their hunger and isn’t made with questionable ingredients.

Plant-based food producers look at alternative terminology for non-dairy product labeling

Plant-based food producers don’t want to be forced to drop words such as “milk,” “cheese” or “ice-cream” from the labels of their products, so they are looking for solutions that would allow them to resolve labeling challenges on their own terms.

FDA: No Plans to Reopen Nutrition Facts Label Rule

In May 2016, FDA issued final rules to implement changes to the nutrition labeling and serving size regulations.

Canadian grocers use app to promote surplus food about to expire

Two Ontario grocers, Longo’s and Farm Boy, are using the Flashfood app to notify customers when food nearing its “best before” date goes on sale, according to Progressive Grocer. Users can pay for the food through the app, then pick it up that same day in-store.


FDA considering nutrition facts panel delay

The Food and Drug Administration is considering a delaying implementation of a revamped nutrition facts panel on retail goods.

GMO labeling…What we know and what may happen next

One of the hottest topics in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industries, for both producers and advertisers, remains the disclosure of genetically modified organisms, or 'GMOs,' in these products.

FDA Extends Menu-Labeling Comment Period

The Food and Drug Administration has extended until Aug. 2 the comment period for its interim final rule on menu labeling in restaurants and other food retail establishments, including grocery and convenience stores.

Snacks with added fiber a part of Nutrition Facts delay

NEW YORK (AP) — A new labeling rule could change how much fiber is listed for some snack bars and cereals.

FDA urged to keep nutrition facts label on schedule

May began with the Trump administration’s decision to relax national school lunch rules on sodium, whole grains, and milk.

Michigan grocers add calorie labeling on prepared foods despite FDA rule delay

BYRON TOWNSHIP, MI If you have shopped at a Family Fare store lately, you might have noticed new digital menu boards at the deli detailing know many calories are in the panini you are ordering. 

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