Workflow Management Saves on a Global Scale

Being a major international consumer product company has its challenges. For this one, packaging workflow had become inefficient and extremely fragmented after years of acquisitions. This was eating into margins and increasing the onboarding time of each acquisition. The company needed a single global workflow system, but the improvements had to come in stages due to constant production demands.

Stage One began with the implementation of the BLUE enterprise graphics management Software as a Service, customized to match the client’s current process structure. BLUE™ allowed us to manage proofing, workflow analysis and tracking, all digitally, across North America. In Stage Two, we improved cycle and rework times in both production and premedia. Subsequent stages saw implementation in South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. For additional integration benefits, we were awarded production and premedia duties for North America, Europe and Asia.

We accomplished this through:

  • Reworking graphics workflow on several continents
  • Globalized digital asset management
  • Integrated lifecycle services
  • Customized BLUE Production Management Software as a Service
  • Imbedded company knowledge of packaging workflow process

The results:

  • 50% faster reworks
  • 30% faster production
  • Over 40,000 brand images downloaded annually
  • $4.5 million in savings on reductions and redundancy
  • 30% savings in overall production costs