Flexo Embossing® Services

We are constantly innovating to bring new advances in flexo embossing technology to our clients, and high impact results that can be seen and felt by their customers. Our flexo embossing products offer premium quality, fast turnaround and high impact. We can accommodate substrates that include but are not limited to aluminum, film, cardboard, paper and non-wovens. These can be embossed inline or offline. Our embossing sleeve technology for pneumatic cylinders and support systems is available in multiple forms that vary in size and diameter. We’re also able to test print prior to the completion of the final printing form using our laboratory calendar.

Reduced Transportation and Logistics Costs
Test Embossing in Pilot Lab
100% Digital Workflow
Light-weight Embossing Forms
Emboss Structures up to 3 mm Deep
Surface Hardness of 40 – 100 Shore A to 85 Shore D
Range Approx. 250 – 1500 mm