5 Tips for Creating Better Content Today

Chicago, Il

As content marketers, our job is exciting, ever-changing and quite honestly, sometimes confusing. When you walk into work and feel fresh out of ideas, it’s hard to know where to start.

Have no fear, we’ve rounded up some of the top tips we learned at Content Marketing World 2017 so you can learn how to create better content today.

6:30 – Snooze your alarm.

6:43 – Make your coffee and start to check email. Don’t start replying to emails right away. Flag what’s important, forward any emails that need additional attention from other colleagues and skim the rest. Keep on it throughout the day.

7:27 – Review the day.

Try to schedule meetings for the afternoon, not the morning. Otherwise, you’ll spend the afternoon reviewing the morning meetings, leaving you no time to actually create content.

9:01 – Arrive at work.

9:12 – Dodge Karen because you "forgot" to sign up for a side dish at Friday’s BBQ.

9:33 – Get creating.


Author, Ann Handley recommends you take time for your craft in the morning while your mind is fresh and energy is up.

12:15 – Lunch and re-group.

Keep your customer at your core and the content you create will reflect their needs, not your own.

2:04 – Meeting with Pete. Really, finalize your weekend plans.

2:31 – Reply to emails.

You probably sent a reply to a question from your co-worker, but a number of other people in the industry might have the same question. Boom! Now you have a blog post (or infographic, video…whatever medium you use best).

3:36 – Watch viral YouTube video. Refill one final cup of coffee for the day.

4:30 – Embrace the scary.

CMO of GE, Linda Boff, stresses the importance of remembering your "secret sauce." What makes your brand, company, or clients special and how can you uniquely present that to the world? Embrace a challenge and revel in the creative process. You might just make something awesome.

Remember to always collaborate with your team, gain some fresh perspective and crush your content! Check out our Online Media page to learn how Schawk can help develop and market your content.