Award-Winning Photographer Turns Graffiti into Colourful Wine Bottle Labels

Melbourne, Australia

Standout 2017, Schawk’s premier client engagement event, was held at this year’s Pacprint Expo in Melbourne, Australia. Schawk is a global leader in the deployment of brand packaging and through the Standout event, managed to showcase the possibilities of digital print for packaging.

Clients were treated to an engaging presentation with sample jobs, of the latest in digital print for packaging. Digital print for packaging allows for shorter runs testing, market versioning and personalisation and is viable and attractive options for brand managers in a fast moving and often segment marketing world. HP is a major partner in the event.

Also as a practical example of creative design, deployment organisers of this year’s Pacprint/ Visual Impact Image Expo partnered with HP, Anthem and Schawk to showcase industry capabilities and boost attendee response rates. Also a part of SGK, Anthem is part of the brand development arm in Australia. Early registration rates increased by 20% and were helped in part by the appeal of a complimentary wine bottle which was specially designed and personalised.

Andy Stavert, award winning photographer for Anthem and Schawk, shot the quirky Melbourne street art in the carpark of The Corner Hotel as the key background to the wine bottle label. The giant mural created by Pzor and Jetzo, two of Melbourne’s most infamous graffiti writers, is a reminder of the disruptive and impactful nature of such designs, and also a string metaphor for the changes occurring with digital print for packaging. The colourful shoot and labels also supported the theme of Standout 2017 brand engagement event organised by Schawk and HP.

Each of the 5,000 personalised wine bottles featured a unique Anthem-designed and Schawk-produced shrink-sleeve label, using HP’s Mosaic software that included an individual ID number and special verification QR barcode.