Collecting Powerful Data to Improve Print and Color Quality


Protecting brand equity across the supply chain is a tough challenge. Brands want their consumer experience to be high quality and consistent across all consumer touch points in order to create a single, powerful and unifying experience.

Managing print quality is challenging due to several factors:

- Variations in base materials and production processes across consumer touch points

- Undefined, subjective and inconsistent practices across different suppliers and different locations

- Procurement experiencing pressure within the supply chain to reduce costs or streamline their supply base

The print result often isn’t seen until the product is in factories, often distributed across the globe, or worst is packaged and on shelf in front of the consumer.

Watch our ColorDrive video to learn more about our four steps to print quality management.

By offering a closed loop to print quality or a modular solution tailored to your specific needs, we can:

Define. Our ColorDrive team immerse themselves within your environment. Our print quality experts understand how to help develop and define your print quality tolerances and scores to ensure that the data captured drives your improvement objectives.

By defining detailed print quality specifications for your brand, everyone understands exactly what is required.

Measure. ColorDrive is an open platform and can be configured to receive data from any third-party tool. Our team will collect samples from multiple suppliers, measure using ColorDrive certified labs around the globe and score print quality using consistent, web-based color targets and tolerances.

An impartial team measure print and color quality using an online cloud-based platform, combining data-driven analysis with visual evaluation to produce statistics on print performance.

Report. By creating intuitive reports that provide powerful data driven learnings and insights, our dashboard communicates data simply, enabling quick identification of areas for improvement. These reports are also viewable on any tablet or mobile device. Scorecards collect, organize and distill your data into one simple score, representative of the brands requirements — creating a simple view of your print quality data.

Determine supply chain capability and performance of inks, printers, substrates and brands using our metric reports. Compare print quality performance based on a variety of metrics such as dE, dTVI, dOpacity, Defects, Print Quality Score enabling flexible and powerful analysis.

Drive. Automatic notifications are sent real-time to suppliers, via email, when an out of tolerance sample is measured, submitted and needs to be reviewed. Our team of print quality specialists conducts analysis of your print quality data, identifying key areas for improvements and creating a comprehensive report with findings, improvement recommendations and actions.

We conduct quality review meetings with you and your suppliers to review previous actions and set new actions based on current findings.

ColorDrive is a print quality management solution that distills the expertise of Schawk’s global print quality team.

Our team has the expertise and technology to deliver meaningful insights and improvements to your print quality performance, both locally and globally. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that we deliver the best in print quality management.

For more information, read the full ColorDrive brochure.