Schawk Celebrates 177 Years of Photography

Happy World Photo Day! My, how things have changed since 1839, when Louis-Jaques-Mandé Daguerre introduced an innovative photographic technique called “daguerreotype” – the first of its kind, which helped lead the way and shape modern photography practices. We celebrate today because the French government purchased the patent rights to the daguerreotype on August 19, 1839.

It’s hard to believe, but capturing amazing photos wasn’t always as easy as tapping your smartphone. The daguerreotype process was very labor-intensive and involved the use of a sheet of copper plated with silver – not necessarily something we all carry around in our pockets nowadays. Not to mention the fumes one would need to apply to the sheet in order to create the photosensitive surface, which enables the impression of a photo to appear!

Here at Schawk, we offer photography services around the world, including:

  • 360-Degree Photography
  • Content Planning
  • Copywriting and Content Meta Data
  • Photography
  • Product Sample Management
  • Virtual Photography (3D and CGI)

View our work here: Photography Portfolio  

To celebrate, we have asked a few Schawk team members from around the world, what photography means to them. With such a broad request, these images and quotes went in a number of creative directions -- giving us a true global perspective – whether that be creative, professional, or simply for leisure -- bringing us closer together through amazing captures.

Take a look through the lens of our Schawk team around the world:

Thanks to Louis-Jaques-Mandé Daguerre, we can now express creativity through visual media and technology in the form of beautiful photography.