Schawk to Host CreativeMornings - Chicago

Chicago, IL

We are thrilled to announce that our Chicago location will be hosting this month’s CreativeMornings meet up on March 30, 8:30am - 10:00am CDT.

The theme for March is: Courage

We recently took a poll of our Chicago office asking, “What does courage mean to you?” — below are some of the responses:

“When life puts a brick wall in front of you, courage helps you go over it or through it instead of nothing at all.”

“Courage is taking a leap into the unknown.”

“Courage is being concerned or afraid but continuing forward regardless.”

“Courage is persistence and accepting that often first attempts will fail but having the confidence to keep trying.”

“No matter how many obstacles, disappointment, or adversities. You persevere.”

“Courage is standing up for what you know is right – even when everyone around you says you’re crazy.”

“To me courage means asking for help when I know I need it.”

“Courage is defending what you believe is the right thing to do when everyone around you tells you that you’re wrong but deep down you just know you’re doing the right thing.”

There’s no doubt; courage is a mix of risk, vulnerability, curiosity, empathy, and action — having nothing to do with status or experience. It’s an act of humanity, of choosing to take an action that is risky because it demands exploring that of the unknown.

Courage has no specific form and knows no bounds. From starting a side project to the act of listening when you would rather interject, every day we are wrapped in opportunities to exercise courage.

If you’d like to attend, register on Monday, March 26, at 11:00am CDT — spots are limited, so set a reminder now: CreativeMornings / Chicago 

About the Speaker: Lauren M. Pacheco is an arts and culture practitioner with 15 years of professional experience in arts administration, curation and project management. Her experience is grounded in social practice and public engagement. Lauren has become a resource to policymakers and has helped engage in the public dialogue about issues that impact artists and creative enterprises while working hard to bringing the arts to a broader audience and bridge cultural sector programming. Pacheco is co-founder of the Chicago Urban Art Society and the Chicago Lowrider Festival.

In 2011, she developed and curated the award-winning public art initiative, Art in Public Places along the 16th street viaduct in Chicago’s Pilsen community. In September 2017, Lauren won a public art grant from the Knight Foundation and will transform outdoor vacant space in Gary, Indiana into a walkable, art-park. She has received grant funding from the Knight Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Legacy Foundation, Chicago Community Trust and the National Association for Latinos Arts and Cultures. Lauren holds degrees from Northwestern University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and, the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently lives in Gary, Indiana with her husband and their two pit-bulls.

About CreativeMornings: CreativeMornings is a free monthly breakfast lecture series for designed for creative communities. In 2008, Tina Roth-Eisenberg founded the lecture series in Brooklyn, New York as an ongoing, accessible event for New York’s creative community. The concept was simple: breakfast and a short talk one Friday morning a month. Every event would be free of charge and open to anyone.

Lecturers include professional creators, designers, photographers and illustrators. CreativeMornings hosts events in over 180 cities worldwide in 65 countries. Their events are run by approximately 1,500 volunteer organizers.