The Power of Circulars in a Multi-Channel World

Circulars should be a key part of any sophisticated multi-channel strategy. With precision tactics, they deliver stellar results. What’s more, data proves that pre-print is extremely well read, preferred by shoppers and increasingly agile in delivering key messaging. 

Join us Wednesday, December 12 for a BrandSquare Live Session with our own Lou Bart, SVP of Client Services at Schawk. He’ll uncover the surprising data and important insights about the power of circulars, plus best practices for integrating circulars into today’s aggressive retail programs. You’ll learn: 

•    Why retail circulars are still an ROI driver in the advertising mix
•    How retailers’ newspaper inserts drive traffic
•    How they can be optimized within a multi-channel effort

This data-driven, example-rich BrandSquare Live Session could influence your overall marketing/promotional strategy. Be sure to reserve a half hour at 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 11, for The Power of Circulars in a Multi-Channel World. Register now!