How You Can Learn To Stop Worrying and Love KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for graphics processes and artwork production don’t have to be confusing, labor-intensive or expensive to articulate and measure, contrary to what someone on your brand team might have said this very morning. But they do need to measure the right indicators and point you directly to solutions that you can enact.

Do you wish your project briefs were more incisive and effective, so that grumpy senior managers aren’t being called in to fix projects at a late stage? KPIs for graphics can help you identify where those projects go off-schedule, off-budget, off-brief.

Are you using KPIs for artwork production now but find that the data doesn’t point to concrete steps? You may be measuring the wrong things, or you may be gathering the data inefficiently. Or perhaps your performance goals aren’t ideal, so it’s impossible to turn good data into an effective solution. The right KPI process will make the picture clearer, not fuzzier.

Do you struggle to implement a KPI process because key team members won’t buy in or sign off? Or because you need more collaboration from vendors who participate in the production process? Ideal vendors don’t just collaborate but can take an active role in solving all of the dilemmas mentioned here. They can help you sell in the concept of KPIs to your brand teams, to know what to measure, how to measure it, how to interpret it and what concrete action to take – even for stages that may be upstream from brand deployment, in strategy and design.

This month on Schawk’s blog, we’ll be looking at KPIs for graphics processes from a multitude of angles. In the meantime, we encourage you to read the Schawk white paper “What Ambitious Brands Need To Know About Key Performance Indicators for Production.