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The State of Packaging Graphics Management in Latin America and Beyond

There’s no denying it, the prospect of “no cost” or “free” services can be extremely enticing. But when it comes to protecting brand standards and the integrity of your products’ printed packaging, marketers and brand owners must fully consider how the “free prepress” myth could impact brand integrity and your bottom line.

3 Tips for Gaining Control of Your Brand on the Digital Shelf

The e-commerce market is rapidly exploding – in the last year alone the amount consumers have spent online increased by 11.2%. From customers moving online to do their weekly shopping, to consumers browsing comparison sites on their smartphones and tablets, the digital shelf is becoming just as important as the physical shelf.

Brand on a Wire: Walking The Tightrope of Regulatory & Consumer Trust

It’s not easy being a product package. There’s a lot of pressure to perform. You have to grab the attention of your consumers on the shelf and online. You have to convey a trusted brand name. And, you have to comply with stringent regulatory information. It’s like walking a tightrope – one misstep and your brand could be doomed.

7 Tips To Win The Retail Holiday

The 2012 holiday season saw mixed results in the retail industry. Some retailers demonstrated strong growth, while others experienced declines. However the fact remains, success was directly tied to strategic planning throughout the year, best practices and innovative initiatives centered around who else – the customer!

How You Can Learn To Stop Worrying and Love KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for graphics processes and artwork production don’t have to be confusing, labor-intensive or expensive to articulate and measure, contrary to what someone on your brand team might have said this very morning. But they do need to measure the right indicators and point you directly to solutions that you can enact.

Printer Performance and KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for graphics processes can cast a critical eye on many workflow stages and functions. But they can focus on more than the efficiency of your extended brand deployment team. A powerful subset of KPIs relates to the printing process and leverages data on quality characteristics like registration accuracy and dot-gain.

How Can Your Product Packaging Work Harder for You Online?

A very interesting blog post by an Indian packaging company points out that online retail makes far too little use of the hard-working assets that make packaging such a key influencer of shopper decisions in-store. With recent studies suggesting that packaging influences roughly three-quarters of all in-store grocery purchases, why are influential package assets rarely seen online?
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