How Your Brand Can Win on the Digital Shelf

This year alone, worldwide online sales of consumer products are expected to increase by more than 20 percent to a total of $1.5 trillion. Your brand can win in this exponentially growing online marketplace. The key is to give customers the same experience of brand quality as they expect when shopping in-store.

Synchronization between the digital and physical package inspires consumer confidence while providing online shoppers with accurate product information, including required disclosures of nutritional and allergen information. Read our article to learn how you can extend your existing physical packaging workflows to produce digital packaging with assured timeliness, accuracy and quality.

7 Must-Ask Questions to Gain Control of Your Brands on the Digital Shelf

Schawk is committed to answering the tough questions. With exponential growth in e-commerce, one of the toughest questions brand managers face today is how to ensure online content synchronizes with the physical package – bringing “in-store” timeliness, quality and compliance with nutrition labeling regulations to the digital shelf.

Are you ready to take control of the e-content supply chain? You need to be able to answer seven key questions to compete as effectively on the digital shelf as you do on the physical shelf. Schawk can help you find all the right answers.

3 Tips for Gaining Control of Your Brand on the Digital Shelf

The e-commerce market is rapidly exploding – in the last year alone the amount consumers have spent online increased by 11.2%. From customers moving online to do their weekly shopping, to consumers browsing comparison sites on their smartphones and tablets, the digital shelf is becoming just as important as the physical shelf.